Capital Gains Studio announces new Debtzilla board game

First ever board game that merges the Superhero genre with the Financial World which gives a new perspective about debt management and financial scams Singapore, 13th June 2017 – Capital Gains Studio announced Debtzilla, a new board game inspired by financial related themes whereby heroes confront financial monsters of mass destruction. It is slated to be launched on Kickstarter on 19th September 2017 In the fictional nation of Banana Republic, last seen in Capital Gains Studio's previous game Wongamania: Banana Economy, the incompetent government has caused a wave of financial crime. Players take on the role of heroes fighting the villains that scam ordinary citizens. However, the heroes ar

So You Want to Be an Asian Board Game Designer?

When Capital Gains Studio first entered into the tabletop scene in Singapore, many of the previous generation of tabletop game publishers have thrown in the towel and left the scene all together, along with their industry knowledge and competency. With no established publishers in the region, game designers often have to double up as game publishers and we can totally understand why our predecessors left as the board game publishing environment in this part of the world. It is harsh and unforgiving. We started with wanting to just design a simple low budget educational game for workshops and classroom as a side project with no knowledge whatsoever how a good game is produced. Fast forward

Wongamania Family Day @ Toa Payoh Library

Partnering with Singapore's National Library Board, we held a family friendly Wongamania: Banana Economy event to help the heartlanders to have fun while picking up some basic personal finance and investment knowledge. Held during the June holidays, the 2-hour session saw heartlanders of all walks of life entering the Universe of Wongamania. As a light-medium board game, the Wongamania Banana Economy was easily picked up by the 40 participants who joined us in the event. From enthusiatic school children to curious retirees, players navigated the economic ups and downs with the goal of achieving 3 trust funds during a typical 30-45 minute game play. There was never a dull moment as the player

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