Debtzilla Design Diary Part V: Gadgets

What's a super hero game without cool cool gadgets! The best and most loved superheroes are always those that makes use of innovation and gadgets to improve on their crime fighting vigilante activities. When I started designing the gadgets for Debtzilla, I wanted to make fun of the hero's genre which normally are expensive high tech gadgets and we wanted to reflect the frugal nature of the heroes in Debtzilla. Hence we started with every day items that can be used for crime fighting. Some examples include: Lucky Fortune Cat Roti Prata (South East Asian Indian Pancake) Foldable Chair While having these every day items as hero gadgets are fun, the problem came in when we started on the hero de

5 Things We are Doing Differently from our Last Kickstarter Campaign

The launch of Debtzilla's Kickstarter campaign marks our third crowdfunding campaign. Every crowdfunding campaign provides new insights and experiences which we can learn from to create a better campaign. Here are the five things which we are and will be doing differently from our last campaign with Wongamania: Banana Economy. Be Prepared to Fail Unless you are a well-established brand name with a strong reputation within the community, be prepared to fail. Failure is possible even if you have put together a perfect Kickstarter project. The reasons to fail are aplenty, including insufficient pre-marketing, bad timing, bad luck (clashing with a similar product launched by a major brand), or s

Debtzilla - Game Design Diary Part IV: Villains

What is a good superhero game without proper henchmen and cool gadgets? When we were working on Debtzilla, the design of villains changed many times as we had to adapt it to fit in with any changes to the game mechanics. There was no one focused theme until we settled on a final version of villains that thrive on cheating money from regular citizens. Here is a quick rundown of the evolution of the villains' design. Ver 1: Villains who are reflected in recent news or movies Example: Fraud Insidious Football Association, The Man Who Killed Your Parents Verdict: Rejected due to genres are only known to a specific audience. Ver 2: Petty Villains who scam you of money to earn a quick buck The v

Working with Board Game Artists

For many of us, games of all types are a part of the everyday entertainment. Oftentimes, we are attracted by games with brilliant visuals. This is true for table top games too. Artists involved in the creation of board games have become a key factor to a successful board game. For our previous game - Wongamania: Banana Economy, we have engaged one artist to be our lead illustrator. His role was to illustrate, to help portray the game’s art direction and to create artworks that are as attractive, yet suitable for the game. This was simple enough – working with the artist was much like how we work with other partners. Communications must be regular. A lot of time was also invested up front to

Debtzilla - Game Design Diary Part III: Hero Design

When we first conceptualize the idea of "Wall Street meets Superhero" theme for Debtzilla, we were extremely excited about the character designs for the game. First and foremost, we wanted to include financial legends such as Warren Buffet and George Soros in the game. However, one of the biggest problems with this roster of financial gurus is that they are mainly US based and almost dominated by males, which is in conflict with one of the key philosophies in our game design which is to embrace diversity. So we decided to stretch our search beyond the scope of just financial legends and increase our scope to cover business and political titans, which in recent years, have immerse influence o

Is Board Game a Powerful Learning Tool for Subjects which Students are Not Interested In?

Personal finance.... A topic that many young people in Singapore deem to be irrelevant, especially when the course is forced upon them by the authorities and it has absolutely no impact on their final grades to get a good diploma or degree. In fact, at their age, I was probably more interested in workshops or talks that discuss boy-girl relationship or how to dress well and look cool in front of the opposite gender. Money is not an important issue to them as the allowance is given by parents and working life is 3-4 years away, which seems like an eternity at that stage of life. Hence, when we were invited by a tertiary institution to conduct a financial literacy workshop, we were met with u

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