Debtzilla - Game Design Diary Part VII: Boss Fight Design

Boss fight in a superhero movie is often the main highlight. The final confrontation between the good and bad, and in almost all instances, we expect the Villain to lose (with the rare exception of trilogy such as Empire Strikes Back). In a superhero board game like Debtzilla whereby players have to work together to take down the final boss, the boss is no doubt the highlight of the game. That's where the tricky part in game design comes in. Too Much of the Same Thing In the initial prototype, we just did a power creep on the Boss cards as compared to the henchmen and playtesters complain that the fight with the final boss doesn't feel EPIC. It was more of the same thing, just more difficult

Debtzilla Kickstarter - What Went Wrong

We have one successful Kickstarter project under our belt, built an awesome community, doubled our marketing budget, lowered our shipping cost, tripled our art and graphic design budget and designed a beautiful looking board game with slick mechanics, along with fantastic reviews from game reviewers. What could go wrong? Panic Attack! - 1 Week before Project Launch Date 3 months before project launch, we hired a professional videographer to create a beautifully animated Debtzilla video, something different from the home-brew video we made for Wongamania- Banana Economy. We hired a China based Singaporean videographer who is familiar with the gaming culture and Kickstarter. The red flags star

Debtzilla - Game Design Diary Part VI: Random Dice vs Strategic Cards

Ahhh. Randomness... The bane of modern board game design... As the tastes of board game enthusiasts become more sophisticated over the years, the demand for games with a a higher learning curve on a more strategic level has increased. This compares to the easier to learn games with high level of randomness that punishes both new and seasoned gamers, which as a lower learning curve. For those that are not familiar with game design, a game high in luck factor allows players to learn the game quickly but is often low in the need to make strategic decision creating a situation whereby seasoned players have no advantage over new players. This will make gamers who are very competitive very, very u

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