5 Life Lessons you can learn from Debtzilla Board Game

Set in the same alternate universe as in Wongamania Banana Economy, the table-top game- Debtzilla features a dystopic society of normal citizen-turned vigilantes vying against villains and the ultimate boss- Debtzilla. Players would take on the role of vigilantes in this co-op game and strategize towards bringing down the resident evil, Debtzilla. Sound like a typical good versus evil game? In fact, it’s one game that’s more than meets the eye. Anyone can take away some life lessons when playing Debtzilla and here are 5 of them: Lesson 1: Personal Financial Planning Navigating through the Working Board at the start of the game round could be liken to doing up one’s personal financial plan. T

5 Financial Lessons you can learn from Debtzilla Board Game

Debtzilla: The Board Game is a superhero co-operative board game that puts players in the role of a secret identity superhero, who has to manage his finances as a common salaryman during the day, and combating villains at night. At the end of the game, the players have to defeat Debtzilla as the final boss in order to win the game. The game is making use of the superhero theme to bring out essential financial lessons and here are 5 of the important ones: Lesson 1: Savings is Important Unlike Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow game which requires players to make use of a complex income statement, Debtzilla redesigns the balance sheet into a simple 5 card system whereby each card represents 20% of the

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The debt apocalypse has officially started and the streets of Banana Republic are over-run with thugs and criminals. The citizens are crying for help while the corrupted government officials are packing their bags and running off to seek shelter from the very devastation they have started. Vigilante superheroes have risen to try to stem the tide of lawlessness and destruction, but they desperately need funds to fight off Debtzilla. Capital Gains Studio has started a Kickstarter campaign and is appealing to the citizens of the world to contribute to the fight by contributing to the campaign. The scourge of Debtzilla must be stopped at Banana Republic, before it can establish a permanent base

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