Finance for tabletop publishing series: 5 Revenue Recognition Scenarios

One accounting issue I spent time mulling over is revenue recognition for board games. You may wonder, what is so difficult about it? As a board game set is being sold, its revenue will be recognised, is it not? This is of course true to a certain extent generally; however, we will explore the scenarios below to find out more why sometimes it may not be that straightforward. Companies incorporated in Singapore are required by regulations to keep accounting records which enable true and fair financial statements to be prepared and that the financial statements shall comply with the requirements of the Accounting Standards, i.e. Singapore Financial Reporting Standard (“FRS”) [SFRS is broadl

A Newbie Take on the World of Board Games

“Wow, this is interesting!” is a remark heard frequently when updating friends that I am currently helping out in a board game publishing company. It was my exact reaction too during a gathering eon years ago, when a primary school classmate shared that he was working in a video game company at that time. That was THE dream job for all the guys in the class back then. As I was in accounting all along, my priority when joining Capital Gains Studio as Finance Director was to “clean up” the financials, which I shall not elaborate in detail here as it warrants another post on its own. Instead, the focus will be on board game publishing which to many people, including a newbie such as myself, i

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