Debtzilla @ Serangoon Public Library

25th May 2019, in partnership with Singapore’s National Library Board, we held a Debtzilla event with the provision of fun and some basic financial literacy information including knowledge of different types of debt, compounding interest mechanism and personal budgeting etc. Debtzilla is our first ever financial co-operative boardgame which gives players the fundamentals of debt management. Under the role of secret superhero, players have to manage their daytime activities as an average salaryman, while waging their battles against Villains during the night by making critical decisions on their spending habits. The 2-hour session saw participants from all walks of life, from enthusiastic sch

How Financial Literacy Board Games Evolve Over Time

Even if you are not a board gamer, I’m sure you have heard of, or even played Monopoly before. In fact, almost every household with kids that we know of, has a Monopoly set and almost everyone knows what it is about or even how to play. There are many different versions that can be purchased: the original version; the Disney Princess version or even the Singapore version. It is perhaps the only finance board game most people on the street are aware of. Monopoly is basically a game that aims to teach players how the property market works. The player is able to buy and sell properties; build houses or hotels; mortgage to banks when running low in cash etc. Whoever has the most money at the end

Sharing Session at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

17th Apr 2019, Capital Gains Studio was invited to Ngee Ann Polytechnic to share with the students from the investment club on how to hold a Wongamania Tournament as well as to clarify some of the more ambiguous card rules. Wongamania: Banana Economy is a financial literacy game produced by Capital Gains Studio and it covers educational aspect of personal finance, including topics ranging from resource management; budgeting; insurance; investment in various assets classes and the assets’ effects at different stages of the economic cycle. We shared more details on how we gamify the many aspects of personal finance into the game and how to combine game mechanics with theme and educational obje

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