Welcome to the World of Wongamania, a world where the money problems become real life monsters. Set in the country of Banana Republic, a dysfunctional nation where money talks and capitalism is king, you will have to master the power of money in order to survive and prosper.


Or else, it will literally destroy and consume you!


Debtzilla was created by the ancient Sumerians five thousand years ago and is used by farmers, merchants and kings to grow their land and strengthen their empire. As greed grew among the hearts of men and they started to take on more debts to fuel their lavish lifestyle, Debtzilla will feed on their debts and emerge as a raging beast, destroying empires and nations. 


Debtzilla was last spotted in the streets of USA in 2007 and was seen rampaging across Europe during 2010. Temporarily defeated by central bankers and their easy money, Debtzilla went back to his slumber in Banana Republic, feeding on the newly printed debt, waiting for his time to come again...

Summoned by the ancient Egyptians during 3000 B.C., the Pharoahs of Egypt made use of Taxtopus to build a great empire. Rulers who got too greedy and got overdosed on the power of Taxtopus, would eventually be punished by the wrath of Taxopus. Angry citizens, controlled by the tentacles of Taxopus will rise in rebellion, and destroy empires and the ruling elites. The American revolution and the Indian independence movement were actually orchestrated by Taxopus.

The invisible tentacles of Taxopus are everywhere, permeating in many creative forms, such as income tax, value added tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, death tax and etc etc.



Inflationsaurus is a cash eating monster that often hides in bank vaults where huge volume of cash is available for them to consume. First seen during the Song dynasty in China with the creation of paper money, Inflationsaurus started to migrate to the rest of the world as the idea of fiat currency became appealing to governments worldwide. Inflationsaurus is especially active during times of war and economies mired in Stagflation.

In recent times, Inflationsaurus is seen wrecking havoc in Russia, Brazil and parts of Africa and his influence has diminished greatly in the developed world. Meanwhile, his sister, Deflationsaurus, is seen creating havoc in Japan and parts of Europe.

Corruption Rat first came onto the shores of Banana Republic 2 centuries ago via the ships of traders and merchants who flocked to this resource rich and prosperous country.  Exposed to the radiation of blatant bribery and palm greasing by the merchants to get the best deals from the government officials, the Corruption Rats evolved quickly and gained human like intelligence and all the tricks of corruption. With their ability to breed quickly, they have created a global underground organization with their agents hidden in many countries and organizations.

Corruption Rat thrived during the economic revolution of China in recent times and has almost taken over every aspect of the country until a countrywide purge has sent many of them underground. Corruption Rat agents are still suspected to be operating in many parts of the world, with strong evidence of their workings in South East Asia and Latin America.