Debtzilla was created by the ancient Sumerians five thousand years ago and is used by farmers, merchants and kings to grow their land and strengthen their empire. As greed grew among the hearts of men and they started to take on more debts to fuel their lavish lifestyle, Debtzilla will feed on their debts and emerge as a raging beast, destroying empires and nations. 


Debtzilla was last spotted in the streets of USA in 2007 and was seen rampaging across Europe during 2010. Temporarily defeated by central bankers and their easy money, Debtzilla went back to his slumber in Banana Republic, feeding on the newly printed debt, waiting for his time to come again...


Wally Buffet | Investment Adviser

From a young age, Wally Buffet has a brilliant mind with a knack of taking things apart and figuring how it works. Wally’s brilliant mind was recognized by the banking elites of the Banana Republic and Wally was recruited to help them design the ultimate money making machine – A Time Machine. Young and ambitious, Wally made a small breakthrough, creating a pair of goggles which allows people to see a second into the future. The corrupted banking elites used his invention and wrecked havoc in the financial market, bankrupting many ordinary citizens. Understanding the true threat of his invention for the first time, Wally desperately tries to protect his ultimate invention – The Time leap car. Putting on the mantle of The Oracle, Wally begins his fight to protect his invention and ordinary people from the claws of greed.


Ronald Thumb | Real Estate Agent

Ronald Thumb was born into a wealthy household and his parents run a successful real estate development firm. However, his family fortune has been decimated as his relatives used a combination of flattery and ego stroking incentives to trick him investing into rigged hotel and casino developments. Vowing revenge against his rich cities and other elites in Banana Republic, Ronald took on the secret identity of Tweetman, in order to strike fear into the minds of the elites, even it means sacrificing innocent citizens along the way. His loyal sidekick, Twitty, is a blue android bird which has the power to harness the power of social media. Tweetman has the power of Charisma which allows him to transmute money from the pockets of citizens for his personal use. He is also invulnerable to fake news and is an expert in utilizing social media. 


Angie Merkling | Researcher

Hailed as one of the top researcher in Banana Republic, Angie Merkling was experimenting to convert Banana, a popular and commonly grown fruit in the country, into a practical renewable energy source. While exposing a bunch of bananas to radiation, the bananas mysteriously exploded, knocking Merkling unconscious. On waking up, she realized that she has gained a unique power to make bananas explode on touch. Using her new-found powers, Merkling designed the Banana Mech VII to improve the effectiveness of her abilities. With great power, she decided to use her abilities to aid the common folks and take down the corrupted elites in the country.

Ronald Thumb | Real Estate Agent


Jane Yeelen | Economist

Jane Yeelen was an arrogant and acclaimed economist, whose economic strategies helped to enrich the elites of Banana Republic. Fearful of her knowledge of the source of their wealth, the elites staged a car accident and Yeelen lost all her memories in the process. Discover by the priestess of Fed-Dral-Serve, an ancient society which aims to maintain the balance the economic cycle, she was nursed back to health and studied under the Grand tutor: Oben wan Kernanke. Her past caught up to her when she uncovers a plot by her former bosses to transfer all the wealth to themselves. Entrusted with the ancient society’s celestial mascot, Fedsey, she ventures back into the fray, trying to prevent an economic apocalypse. 


Jack Horse | Handyman

Born into the slums of Banana Republic, Jack Horse survived by picking up discarded electronics and gadgets in the dump yard and learns how to repair and later, sell them. Without the money to enrol in a proper school, Jack picked up programming and engineering knowledge by befriending a nearby university professor, often helping him to run errands. While exploring an abandoned cave, Jack found a trove of gadgets with advance technology, with two words “Ali Baba” carved on the all of the cave. Equipped with these gadgets, Jack took on the name Ali Baba and swear to take down all the villains and elites that have been oppressing the poor and underprivileged.

Bendemeer Puthin | Mercenary

Bendemeer Puthin was an intelligence officer of Banana Republic and while investigating the sightings of Debtzilla in a bank vault, he heard an inhuman voice whispering in his ears “You will be cursed..eed…ed”. Shortly after, Puthin’s luck turned for the worst and he was dismissed from the military while at the same time, wrecking up huge debt. Driven to the brink of financial desperation, he was offered by a deal by Debtzilla: Sell his soul to Debtzilla and become one of its henchman, or be destroyed by debt. He took the deal and instead of using his power for his master, he turned against it, realizing that Debtzilla was the source of his curse in the first place. His debt fueled strength is both respected and feared by his team mate as they have no idea when he will lose control and turn against them.


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