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Debtzilla @ Serangoon Public Library

25th May 2019, in partnership with Singapore’s National Library Board, we held a Debtzilla event with the provision of fun and some basic financial literacy information including knowledge of different types of debt, compounding interest mechanism and personal budgeting etc.

Debtzilla is our first ever financial co-operative boardgame which gives players the fundamentals of debt management. Under the role of secret superhero, players have to manage their daytime activities as an average salaryman, while waging their battles against Villains during the night by making critical decisions on their spending habits.

The 2-hour session saw participants from all walks of life, from enthusiastic school children to curious retirees, taking on the role of a superhero. All players were immersed in the Universe of Banana Economy and closely cooperated with other superheroes in order to take down the Boss monster - Debtzilla before it destroys the world.

The game play concluded with a short debrief of various financial lessons behind the design of the game, conducted by our game designer, Xeo Lye. Right after that, the players shared their feedback after 2 hours of going through the warm-up round; training and the final tournament of the game. Our team spent a fun-filled afternoon interacting with the players at Serangoon Public Library and we certainly look forward to organizing more sessions in the future to engage the public about financial literacy in a fun way.


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