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Dinoverse - A Preview of the Game

The work on our latest game, Dinoverse is nearly done as we intensify our efforts in play testing and making tweaks to the game play experience as well as the game effects of some of the more interesting, but troublesome mechanics of our Dinosaurs. Meanwhile, let us give our community a sneak preview of how the game is being played.

The experience we wanted players to have is a tug of war between a carnivore and herbivore as players will try to pick a side while allowing them to switch a side if the tide of war goes against the losing side. The face-up and face-down mechanics means that there is always a certain amount of fog of war that allows players to hide their intentions.

Each dinosaur has a unique ability and scoring system and as the game does not use all the dinosaurs in a single play through, this allows a high replay value by mixing and matching different dinosaurs, creating a different playing experience time each time. This however, created a great challenge on trying to balance the power level on each faction as adding different permutation of dinosaurs may tip the balance overtly to one faction, resulting in a large amount of playtesting till we get the balance down to pat.

Dinoverse also comes with our popular gamification guide where we include a booklet featuring all the dinosaurs in the game along with the game design concepts behind each dinosaur.

We are currently working on our Kickstarter and we will be releasing more details on the game as we get nearer to the Kickstarter campaign. Meanwhile, you can find out more about Dinoverse on our social media or on the Dinoverse website for more details on the rules and artwork.


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