• Xeo Lye

Kaiju Exchange to relaunch on 4th Feb. Early Bird Available!

Happy New Year to everyone!

We spent our holiday seasons working intensely on further developing Kaiju Exchange and we can proudly say that it is now bigger and better with more innovative mechanics and better graphic designs.

Here is a list of improvements we have made over the holiday season:

Trading Mechanic - The trading mechanic has been revamped from a free-for-all trading to a new Export-Import mechanic where demand cards which you cannot use can now be reused as an import order which other players can try to fulfill. This adds a tactical front where players can now obtain new materials from other players without the need to verbally negotiate and making the position of the last player stronger.

New Infrastructure Cards - Instead of using money as points, players can now use the money to buy infrastructure which award them points, and at the same time, giving players more ways to win the game.

New Ponzium Power - The ponzium biomass special ability has been revamped with the addition of the infrastructure cards. Players can now use ponzium to buy infrastructure cards rather than using money, allowing players to have the flexibility to use ponzium to fulfill demands for more money or to buy infrastructure for more abilities and points.

Solo Mode - The infrastructure cards also opened up the new solo play mode where previously, it is not possible due to a weaker power balance for the player, compared to the automaton.

2-3 players Balancing - Previously, the early game of 2 players mode is slow as there are 2 materials which are not in play and it takes time before the players can build enough production capacity to fulfill all types of demands consistently. We added a mechanic to make the Automaton produce the materials automatically and players can now gain access to these materials earlier by trading with Automaton. This also makes the Automaton stronger, resulting in an even closer 3 sided game between the automaton and the 2 players.

4 players Balancing - As a result of the infrastructure cards and new trading mechanic, we needed to make the Automaton stronger. We increased the Automaton production to 3x D4 Dice to make the Automaton a better trading partner with other players and at the same time, fulfill demand faster creating a tighter race with the other 4 players.

Improved Graphics - We made some changes to the user interface of the player boards and cards to make the placement more intuitive!

You can check out the new gameplay in our new "How to Play Video" 

Early Bird Offer and Other Campaign Changes for Relaunch

We asked our previous kickstarter backers what are some of their concerns of the previous Kickstarter and the issue of Debtzilla eating up our money during the holiday seasons was one of the top concerns. In order to make the game more affordable to our previous backers we have made the following changes:

Early Bird Discount - We have implemented a small 72 hrs early bird discount to thank you guys for supporting us in our previous campaign. Do grab them before the window closes!

Lower Shipping Fees - We have lowered the shipping fees for Malaysia, US, Europe and Australia.

Lower Price Pledges - In order to lower the prices across the pledges, we have decided to replace the customized monster meeples with standard cubes. For those who love the meeples, do not worry as we have moved the meeples to a stretch goal and the game will still come with the meeples if we hit the goal. As cost of customized meeples will fall with more units produced, we need the campaign to hit a higher amount in order for us to justify the production of the meeples.

3x D8 Dice for All if Funded within 72 hrs - Backers can now get THREE D8 dice if the campaign is funded within 72 hrs.

We hope that all these improvements will make the campaign a better one and we are all excited to make this project a reality. We will be launching the project at 8pm Singapore Time (7am EST). 

Meanwhile, you can check out our project preview page and send us your feedback.