Singapore's hottest financial boardgame is newly improved!


  • Improved graphic design and illustration

  • New Education guide sheet

  • English-Chinese duo version

Welcome to Banana Republic, you are one of the elites of this nation, and your objective is to stash enough money in an offshore trust fund in order to retire comfortably. Invest in the most profit-making assets, unleash the financial monsters to destroy your opponents and exert influence on the government to manipulate the economy for your personal gain! 

The Second Edition of Wongamania: Banana Economy is officially launched with plenty of improvements in visual attractions, game mechanics and educational delivery. Get yourself immersed in the world of money mania now!


banana economy 2nd edition

in 30 minutes, you'll BE...


Manipulate the economy

Sabotage your opponents

Make lots of money! 


The richer you are in financial knowledge, the closer you will be to financial independence

Learning Who Are

Your True Friends

Friends help each other in need. Will they help you during the game? Only one way to find out!


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"This game is a great little surprise that gives more than just knowledge of economics but a very enjoyable and intelligent game."
​Australia Tabletop Gaming Network
"The way we see it, Wongamania is to personal finance what Scrabble is to spelling. It’s a game that you play to have fun while sabotaging other players. At the same time, you pick up simple but useful finance knowledge that would help you appreciate just how dynamic the world of personal finance could be." 
Timothy Ho, Co-founder of DollarsAndSense 
"I really enjoyed lies in the fact that it is easy to learn, but difficult to master. The concepts you learn from this game is also pretty straightforward and applicable to real life. it offers a surprising amount of tactical depth and replay value."
​SG Budget Babe

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