Wongamania: Malaysia Edition

2 to 6 players

45 minutes

10+ years

Not for sale

  • Launched in June 2014

  • Limited quantities of 300 units manufactured and not for sale!

  • Includes a numbered certification and designer's signature.

The Wongamania: Malaysia Edition is a colloboration between the Stock Exchange of Malaysia and Capital Gains Studio to develop a first-of-its-kind educational card game that brings players through the world of inflation, interest rates, taxes and political turmoil. This not for sale edition received wide spread popularity among varsity students in Malaysia and further led to the development of Wongamania: Classic Edition.


For rules download, click here.


Dr Wealth

"The games are designed around economic cycles and asset classes due to the demand from the public."

Monice Diary

"Finance and Economics can be really difficult to study sometimes, what makes it worse is that the topics are really mundane and boring. Being a Business student, I've been through that phase and I know how it feels. What if..."

 6 November 2014

Uncle Teh Peng - Damien Wong

"Have you heard of Wongamania? Before I begin, if you are a business student (like me!!) you will definitely fall in love with this game..."

5 November 2014

A Winsome Life – Melvin Lee

"In all honesty, we are so glad that this game was created because it allowed us to learn how the different economic market cycles can hinder our ability to accumulate assets and understand what kind of assets would allow us to have an advantage over others in a given economic market cycle..."

30 October 2014

Secret Nudges – Celine

"Some time last week we met up with the co-creator of Wongamania, Sam. We were briefed on how to play the game and it got all of us hooked to it in a matter of minutes. It's super fun!! Basically.... it's like monopoly deal. But the slightly more grown up version..."

28 October 2014

Live Love Laugh – Vivian

"Designed by independent studio Capital Gains LLP, Wongamania is the first financial edu-tainment card game in the world, that is modelled after modern economics. "Wonga" is actually a British-slang for "Money". Moneymania sounds very MEH, don't you think? So...."

Blog Post - 22 October 2014


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