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You have been plunged into the world of white collar crime, where you will need to get your hands and your money dirty as you take on the roles of corrupt politicians, loan sharks and tax evaders trying to launder the ill-gotten gains. Invest in artwork, businesses and real estate all around the world while trying to turn dirty money into clean money. Beware of your fellow players, who will attempt to expose your operation to the government with a legion of lawyers and accountants. Are you able to avoid the government blacklist while laundering the most amount of money?


Dirty Money is a 2 to 5 player strategic card game where players take on the role of criminals and corrupted politicians, trying to launder dirty money using artwork and businesses, while evading detection from government agencies.


Dirty Money is a Gold award winner of International Serious Play Award and obtained IG Game Awards nomination for best Maths Game.

Dirty Money

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