Lian He Zao Bao Singapore - 5 Sep 2019
Game on! More Local Designers are Making a Play for the Board Game Scene

A small but growing number of board game designers in Singapore are inching their way onto the local scene, at a time when games by big players such as Asmodee still dominate the market here.

The Straits Times - Jun 2018
FM 89.3 - Morning Huddle

Today, in The Hot Seat, Xeo Lye, Co-founder & Game Designer, Capital Gains Studio, who specializes in financial literacy games.

He discusses with MONEY FM 89.3's Elliott Danker and Yasmin Jonkers the current landscape for boardgames in Singapore, what made him get into the business and how he and his team are modernising financial literacy games to keep up with current technology.

May 2018
How a Failed Singaporean Kickstarter Made an Epic Comeback and Raised $10k in 30 Hours 

“So, ‘Just do it’ and embrace failure when it shows up. From there, learn from the mistakes and construct a better product and campaign and you will see the results.”

The Vulcan Post - 04 Dec 2017 


"很多人都想重拾面对面交谈,桌游刚好能成为借口, 把大家聚在一起处进关系。" 

Sin Chew Daily - 08 November 2016

Financial Literacy: Making Financial Education Fun

"We didn’t want Wongamania to be a textbook in the guise of a game. Many educational games are, which means that they are not fun. That is why we brought in modern game designers from the US and Europe." 

The Edge - 10 October 2016

SG got Game: Local Card Game helps make sense of Finance

"The world of finance can be hard to get one’s head around at the best of times. One local team gave themselves the difficult task of turning big financial terms into playable cartoons for the card game, Wongamania: Banana Economy, published by game design studio Capital Gains.

The New Paper - 16 July 2016 - Podbros Network
John sat down with Xeo Lye, creator of Wongamania: Banana Economy. The two chat about the game, how it works, and how Xeo came up with the concept. They also dive into the aspect of starting a Kickstarter campaign in Singapore and some of the challenges that Xeo faced with the project.
January 2016 - Personal Finance Money Tips
Is there a best strategy in investing? Or, do personalities play a part in your investing habits? Game Designer, Xeo Lye, had a sharing session with, explaining the learning points from his book - 5 Elements of Successful Investors, and Wongamania. In the Webinar, Xeo shared 23 winning habits and what it takes to be in an successful investor.
August 2015
Channel News Asia - Money Mind (Singapore)
We partnered with the producers of Channel News Asia to design a Wongamania reality TV show and invited some viewers to compete in a Wongamania game. Three brave viewers signed up and who do you think manage to emerge as champion? Find out more!
May 2015
LOVE 97.2 FM  - Man's Talk
Wealth is always one of the traits of a successful man. How can man accumulate wealth? In this light hearted mandarin interview, we had a three way discussion on how man can accumulate wealth, and how Wongamania can help them learn about economics and money making.
April 2015
Click here to listen to the podcast.
TV7 - Bella Society (Malaysia)
The production crew of TV7 came down to one of the Wongamania gaming session which we held in Kualar Lumpur Malaysia.  Watch for yourself what Xeo, the designer of Wongamania has to say about why he design the revoluntionary board game. Top financial educator and best selling author Jonathan Quek also shared his view on financial literacy in Malaysia.
February 2015
FM 93.8 LIVE - Dollar & Sense
Can we predict the behavior of investors through observing what they do in a investment game? Do ladies invest better than man? We visited 938 LIVE to share some of our thoughts and observation through Wongamania.
February 2015


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