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Capital Gains Studio Logo

Capital Gains Studio is an award winning Singapore-based tabletop game design and publisher studio on a mission to inspire learning through simple yet seriously fun ways. We are experts in designing educational tabletop games with a track record of working with government agencies, schools and multinational corporation covering a wide range of topics ranging from business management, finance, sales process to more academic subjects such as language and chemistry.

Capital Gains Studio also manages Mercat Games and Singapore Boardgame Design

Mercat Games Logo

Mercat games is founded to publish affordable, family games that friends and family can gather for a quick after-dinner game, with themes and art that Singaporeans can relate to. We have published some of the best selling games in Singapore such as Happy Dim Sum and Hotpot Havoc.

Singapore Boardgame Design Logo

Singapore Boardgame Design (SBD) was born during the full lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic to support creative Singaporean tabletop designers to help them to market and distribute Singapore designed tabletop games.

It started as a small idea, helping indie Singaporean tabletop designers to market and list on e-commerce site as many of us were affected by the retail store closures during the pandemic lock-down. We hope that by combining our resources together, we can achieve a bigger voice to showcase Singapore's designed games and bring Singapore designed games to a higher level. 

We have since expanded our shop offering to other Asian indie designers and showcasing the cultural identities and game designs that are different from Singaporean designers.

Meet The Team

Xeo Lye, CEO

Xeo has more than a decade experience as a wealth manager and prior to doing game designing, he is a best-selling author, award winning blogger and a passionate trainer and educator. As a game designer, he designed financial educational games such as Wongamania, Debtzilla and Zombielife Insurance. He is also the leading serious tabletop game consultant in Singapore and has worked with government agencies and multi-national companies, helping to create games and curriculum on the subject of game based learning and gamification.

Xeo Lye
Jaslyn Lim

Jaslyn Lim, CFO, Sales Director

Jaslyn Lim has more than 15 years’ experience working in the banking and finance industry and continues to helm the finance role.  A multi-tasker, she also dabbles in sales and distribution; analysis and product development. Nicknamed queen of spreadsheets, she helps creates lists and spreadsheets to record and organise data. With an eye for detail, she helps with proof-reading of rule book etc, and also assists with the writing of educational guide. Unleashing her creativity, she participates actively in the brainstorming process during the creation of games.

Steve Ng

Steve Ng, Chief Game Designer

Since joining the boardgame design industry in 2018, Steve has had multiple published titles across various genres and has worked with many public and private agencies to bring their ideas and dreams to the tabletop. Some titles he has worked on include ‘Cryptocurrency’, ‘Check Out’ and ‘Hotpot Havoc’.

With boardgames being large part of both his personal and professional life, Steve holds a high personal standard, with feet planted firmly on the sides of both the consumer and business.  
In games, he searches for interesting mechanics that provoke thought and curiosity whilst staying elegant. His current favourite game is Viscounts of the West Kingdom.

Iron Lady-Ashley

Ashley Woo, Training Director

An accomplished MOE approved trainer in education specializing in Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ashley also has 14 years of industrial experience in managing Environment, Health and Safety and international trade compliance within Asia Pacific region.

Ashley is one of the coolest mums you can ever find. Besides being an avid runner in a running club, Ashley believes in education and wellness of children. Not only does she coach teenages, Ashley volunteers at schools to teach the underprivileged during her free time.

Sam Chang

Sam Chang, Operations Director

An avid runner and swimmer, Sam is our hotbod daddy who loves reading and traveling.

With more than 10 years of experience in global financial institutions, Sam has assumed country and regional roles with exposure to a wide range of cross-functional initiatives like new products, compliance and digitization of processes.


Sam strongly believes in the huge opportunities available to simplify financial investing and learning. He is in charge of moving games around the world and manage our supply chains in an increasing complex world.

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