Capital Gains Studio is a Singapore-based game design and development studio on a mission to inspire learning through simple yet seriously fun ways.  Driven by our principles of fun, social interaction and education, we crack our brains to blend psychology, educational principles and humour to create tabletop and board games which are simple to learn and entertaining.


We work with institutions to gamify a serious subject into a fun and interactive game, while retaining its educational properties. We provide creative directions and work with artists to bring life and color to a game. We assist in producing a game by working with our network of manufacturers to produce a cost effective game.  


We are looking to work with aspiring designers from South East Asia to publish and distribute their game. We are looking for games with light to medium difficulty with a finance or Singaporean theme. If you have a game which you wish for us to review, please write to us at for consideration.

Want to Sell our Games in your Store? 

We offer wholesale rates to most retailers and distributors. For wholesale inquiries, please email us at


We partner with training companies and educational institutions to train and demonstrate to them on the effective use of our products. We can assist in the organizing of game tournaments and competitions to help participants have a memorable experience and the learning points behind the games.  

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