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Tabletop Games as an Educational Tool

Our Games have been designed by a team of experienced professionals from the financial, educational and design industry. Our games have been used by government organizations, educational and financial institutions to engage, educate and entertain their stakeholders. Our games can help to:

  • Educate youths and adults to teach them about financial concepts, maths and design concepts.

  • Assist government institutions, corporations and brands to engage their employees, clients and stakeholders to create a lifelong learning experience as a result of game based learning.

  • Engage the community in real life or over video conferencing with the use of offline traditional board games or online role playing games.

Organizations Who Have Used Our Games

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The Education Behind Our Games


Wongamania: Banana Economy is a simulation game that reflects economic realities and trains players to make crucial decisions under complex economic situations. Throughout the game, players will learn important educational concepts such as retirement planning, budgeting, risk management and investment portfolio management. Most importantly, Wongamania: Banana Economy will equip the players with one of the most important skillsets, that is the understanding of how economics work and their impact on various asset classes.

Debtzilla View 1.PNG

Debtzilla is a co-operative game that teaches players the basics of cashflow and debt management. Throughout the game, players must make critical decisions on how to manage their spending habits and when should they take out or pay back a loan. The game also reflects the harsh reality of the effect of compound interest and inflation when it is working against the players. The villains are designed around famous financial disasters and scams around the world and can be used to highlight the danger of scams and frauds.

Crypto Box 3D Camera Top Left.png

Cryptocurrency is a simulation game that closely follows how cryptocurrencies are being mined and traded in the real world. It gives players an idea how cryptocurrency is produced, how transactions are validated and the impact of news and rumors have on the prices of the cryptocurrencies. The game also warns of the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies whereby many of them are actually financial scams in disguise. 

Dirty money_Box render_Transparent_Low res.png

Dirty Money is a game that teaches about money laundering process. With the rise of international crime, criminals have been employing different techniques for money laundering and this game aims to educate the players on the methods of money laundering. The game has also been used as an educational tool to teach about currency counting and currency exchange for younger children.


Zombielife Insurance is a light-hearted look on the use of insurance in a zombie pandemic . The game aims to teach players about the different types of insurance, the risk of under insurance or over insurance and how basic insurance underwriting works to determine an insurance premium. 

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