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Mr Huang is trying to deliver an important package to the mayor of dim sum city. But the evil money mob wants to intercept the package for themselves! Play as popular characters from our games and get the package to the right people!

How to play

How to play

Set up

Use cards based on number of players


3P = 3 players and above
6P = 6 players and above


Choose a player to be Mr Huang! Deal the rest to others

Character_Mr Huang_page-0001.jpg

Leave the last card in the center

Mr Huang then closes his eyes while the rest reveal their cards to each other before placing them face down again


Once done, Mr Huang can open their eyes again!
And the game can begin!

Mr Huang needs to ask each player 1 of 3 questions to find out who is Mayor Har!


Players can choose to lie or tell the truth!

Once all questions have been answered,
Mr Huang must choose a card to reveal.


The revealed card determines the winning icon! 

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