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Trick your opponents into buying cryptocurrency scams while you trade, mine and rumormonger to riches!

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Cryptocurrency is a 2-4 players game that puts the players in a competitive race to make the most amount of money from trading and mining cryptocurrencies. Hire new staff that enhances your ability in mining, speculation or rumor mongering. Plan your strategy to mine high value coins as every coin you mine, it gets harder and harder to mine new coins. Speculate on one of the four cryptocurrencies and deduce which of them will end up either a worthless scam or the next digital revolution of the investment world. 

Cryptocurrency is the Gold award winner of International Serious Play Award.


"Without a doubt, it was one of the most fun board game I’ve played in recent times – leaving me wanting for more. "

KS Kathiravan ~ Lion City Geek


"We laughed at the cards, relished our little victories and others’ little defeats, and came away satisfied from the first turn to the last."

Matthew Kearns ~ Meeple Gamers

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"Cryptocurrency is an Excellent game. It is a lot of Fun!"

Michael J Wright ~ Unfiltered Gamer


Build Your Team of Technological Experts!

Mine Cryptocurrency by Solving an Algorithm Puzzle

Earn Fees by Unlocking Blockchains and Validate Transactions

Deploy Public Rumors or Hidden News to Influence Prices
The Cryptocurrency with the Lowest Points will be the Scam Coin

Hold Coins for End Game Bonus Points
But can you be sure that the Coins you are holding are worth Something?

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