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Essen, Spiel 2016!

For those who are unfamiliar, Spiel Essen is the largest board game convention in the world held in Essen, Germany, and this year, it broke new record in attendance with more than 170k attendees with another 2 additional new halls opened to meet the growing demand for board game enthusiast.

Spiel Essen 2016 was another fruitful trip for Capital Gains Studio. We were helped by old friends (Thank you TBD!), met old friends who came to our booth in 2015, made new friends and shared ideas and information with other game designers on how we can move forward the board game industry in our home country. We were also glad to have met Mark Koh who designed Megacorp and Shin who designed Lawless Empire and are fellow Singaporeans who are trying to bring a piece of Singaporean design into the international design arena.

See you next year at Spiel Essen 2017!

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