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Financial Literacy Workshop @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

In close collaboration with our business partner, Reddot Explorer Singapore, our training team conducted 4 sessions of financial literacy workshops for more than 150 freshmen from the School of Engineering on 10 and 11 July 2017.

After a successful run last year, this is a repeat run with the new batch of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Year 1 students who would complete their Diploma in Engineering with minor in Business.

During the session, students were kept engaged through understanding how the game play of Wongamania Banana Economy relates to the real world of personal finance. Suddenly, budgeting for savings or investment and buying insurance became genuine concerns for the mostly 17 year-olds as the players cross-fired in the game of Wongamania.

Besides just game play, students had their hands-on in analysing and sharing their personal expenses on Flipcharts during small group activities. The 3- hours workshop passed quickly with students having fun and learning about personal finance.

We look forward to more sessions in imparting valuable financial literacy knowledge to the youths in future!!

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