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Debtzilla Kickstarter is Launched! Early Access Shipping Discount!

The debt apocalypse has officially started and the streets of Banana Republic are over-run with thugs and criminals. The citizens are crying for help while the corrupted government officials are packing their bags and running off to seek shelter from the very devastation they have started. Vigilante superheroes have risen to try to stem the tide of lawlessness and destruction, but they desperately need funds to fight off Debtzilla. Capital Gains Studio has started a Kickstarter campaign and is appealing to the citizens of the world to contribute to the fight by contributing to the campaign. The scourge of Debtzilla must be stopped at Banana Republic, before it can establish a permanent base and spread its corruption and rampage to other parts of the world.

Please support our Kickstarter campaign and our crusade against Debtzilla!

Good news and Bad news

We were recently informed by our logistic partners that shipping cost worldwide will rise 20% next year, especially the China to US route as oil prices continue to rise. Combined with the 20% rise in paper prices in China, we are left with no choice but to increase shipping cost for our US Backers. As a small independent publisher, we do not have the economies of scale so we are unable to buffer the rising prices. However, we also understand that previous US backers for our previous campaign may be disappointed to hear that their cost of backing the project has gone up.

The good news is, we have decided to offer the returning US backers a sharp discount on the shipping fee, for the first 72 hrs of the campaign as part of the early bird access. This will allow the returning backers to still back at the same rate, which is greatly subsidized, while at the same time, preventing potential mounting losses which may crippled the feasibility of the project.

We have also extended the early shipping discount for all of the backers from Northern America, EU, Russia, North Asia, South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

If you have friends and relatives who are interested in getting a copy of Debtzilla, do share the news with them so that they can enjoy this special rate!

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