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5 Life Lessons you can learn from Debtzilla Board Game

Set in the same alternate universe as in Wongamania Banana Economy, the table-top game- Debtzilla features a dystopic society of normal citizen-turned vigilantes vying against villains and the ultimate boss- Debtzilla. Players would take on the role of vigilantes in this co-op game and strategize towards bringing down the resident evil, Debtzilla.

Sound like a typical good versus evil game? In fact, it’s one game that’s more than meets the eye. Anyone can take away some life lessons when playing Debtzilla and here are 5 of them:

Lesson 1: Personal Financial Planning

Navigating through the Working Board at the start of the game round could be liken to doing up one’s personal financial plan. This phase requires players to make hard decisions on resources such as whether to take up more saving, acquire luxuries for personal happiness or debt re-financing. These are real issues that demand attention in everyone’s daily lives .

Lesson 2: Debt Management

You think taking debt is bad? Risk facing a fast-growing enemy as you work against the clock to accumulate gadgets (to power up during the fight) with slow growing savings. One would soon learn he/she needs a change of mindset when taking up different loans with re-financing options during the working phase to ace the game with fellow team mates. Understand your risk appetite as you explore the world of Banana Republic!

Lesson 3: Beware of Financial Scams

Innocent citizens get scammed when players fail to eliminate the evil master minds during the vigilante phase. The game warns of the constant dangers lurking in our daily lives- think “Nigerian” email scams, advance fee transfer fraud, prize winning (“Win a Lottery”) scams and high profits- no risk investment (“Ponzi”) schemes. Villains are always looking to “up” their game to rob normal citizens of their hard-earned savings, so, stay alert!

Lesson 4: Finding Balance in Life

Taking a housing loan to buy that dream property or saving up for retirement? For the average citizen, there’s always an ongoing tug-of-war when it comes to major financial decisions. A game of Debtzilla throw players into situations where they need to balance critical decisions as citizen-turned-vigilante to achieve the common goal of taking down Debtzilla. Finding balance is the key, just like individuals treading through life.

Lesson 5: Encourage Teamwork & Foster Communication

In an co-op game of Debtzilla, players would need to leverage on each other’s strength as individual vigilante possesses specific powers. Players learn not to work in silo, and would need to actively communicate with team mates before making decisions during the various phases of the game. The camaraderie during the game encourages team bonding as the game builds up towards the end point- fighting the ultimate boss.

Debtzilla is now LIVE on Kickstarter for pre-order and is expected to hit the stores in September 2018. Click here to find out more.

Life’s a game of Debtzilla……With great power comes great debt.

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