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Dinoverse Design Diary - Creative Design

How did game designer, Steve Ng visualize how his game will look and feel? We talk to him to find out more how he works with artists and his thoughts.

Q1: What is the biggest challenge you have when it comes to conceptualize the design of the dinosaurs.

The toughest part would be allowing each dinosaur to shine individually, while ensuring they still seem to be part of a single universe. The artist and I worked closely to ensure that each dinosaur was distinct yet part of a whole, to bring a diverse and connected experience to the game.

Q2: How did the team choose the artist?

Dinosaurs are tough to draw. Given how we wanted our dinosaurs to look anatomically correct, we had to find someone of relative skill who could also bring our ideas to life. We had a few artists draw a sample of what we were looking for and compared them before selecting the most suitable artist.

Q3: There are always new scientific discovery of dinosaurs and an opinion of how they look. For example, there is a recent theory that T-rex is more feathery than leathery. How do you balance this discovery with the dinosaur design.

It has always been a challenge picturing how the behemoths of the past truly looked like. We also cannot hope to perfectly recreate what we have never seen before with our own eyes. With that in mind, we decided to keep to what are the most commonly accepted and recognized features of the dinosaurs.

Q4: The dinosaur designed looks realistic. Why choose a realistic look, rather than a cartoony or abstract design for the dinosaur.

It felt like the market was saturated with cartoony dinosaur games and any dinosaurs that looked more realistic seemed to only appear in games about building dinosaur parks. I wanted a game that was fully focused on the experience of dinosaurs interacting with each other in the wild rather than the capitalist construction of dinosaur zoos. The realism helped players be more fully immersed in that experience as well.

Steve is the designer of Cryptocurrency, Check Out!, Hotpot Havoc and Combo Cone Paradise! Find out more about the games he designed at


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