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Invest Fair @ Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

17 & 18 August 2019

Capital Gains Studio is honoured to collaborate with InvestingNote during the 2 days at the Invest Fair held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre to add a fun twist to the annual event via CGS games. InvestingNote is the first and largest social network for stock investors in Singapore.

Invest Fair has been held since 2006 and is possibly the largest investment event in Singapore. Expert speakers, investors and industry experts had been invited to speak and share their knowledge during the event. There were also a series of event highlights, including the highly prestigious ShareInvestor awards to the top financial institutions; products and services providers from the financial industry as well as panel discussions and other activities to provide the public with an insight into various topics surrounding investing; stocks; Reits; portfolio management; property and the market etc.

Slated to start at 10am on the first day, the team arrived earlier to setup the games booth, which was smacked right in the middle of the halls. Some exhibitors were already there, busy preparing too and all filled with much enthusiasm. There were even cheers somewhere in the background, which made us wonder if we should perhaps think of a Wongamania one. Visitors streamed in as soon as the doors opened at 10am sharp and very soon, the games booth was soon bustling with activity. Players may choose to play any of the 3 games available, namely Wongamania: Banana Economy 2nd edition, Debtzilla or Cryptocurrency. For Wongamania, the player with the highest points wins. Similarly, for Cryptocurrency, the player with the most amount of Wonga – in game money – wins. As Debtzilla is a co-operative game, all players who managed to beat the Debtzilla in the game would win. Each winner would walk away with a Debtzilla plushie.

Day 2 continued with the same activity, albeit with slightly shorter hours. The crowd never ceased though. Most players were with their friends or family and they invariably broke into laughter when take that cards such as “Baby” were played or when they threw the dice eagerly in a bid to bust the villains. Some players were so intense in the gameplay that one could almost see the calculation of possibilities going on in their heads. Yet others maintain a nonchalant demeanour throughout the game. As some exhibitors flew in from overseas, they had to leave early to catch their flights back home. The team, however stayed way past the closing time of 7pm on both days to cater to requests for gameplay.

Overall, it is uplifting to see people still very much involved in learning, when it comes to financial literacy and management, be it gaining the knowledge through sharing sessions from the speakers; discussions with the exhibitors or even learn through play.


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