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Mercat Games 2 years anniversary giveaway - Charcoal Egg Tart Pack

It has been 2 years since Mercat Games was created and our products such as Happy Dim Sum and Hotpot Havoc have been well received by the community. We are encouraged by the tremendous support given to us. As a thank you present for our supporters, we have produced a set of limited edition charcoal egg tart cards for you which we will mail to you at no charge. The pack can be played with Happy Dim Sum to replace one of the Dim Sum in the game.

The registration will close on 31st July or when our stocks are all allocated. Each customer can only be entitled to one set of the pack.

Redeem the Charcoal Egg Tart pack at our online store in the link below:

We reserve the right to decline any shipping to countries with an active armed conflict or a country with a high chance of non-delivery. In the event there is a non delivery due to conditions not within Capital Gains Studio's control, we reserve the right not to send a replacement copy.


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