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New Card Game Takes Players on a Thrilling Journey to 19th Century Singapore

Singapore, July 10, 2023 – Capital Gains Studio, a leading game developer, announces the upcoming release of their card game, "Singapore 1889." Set in the vibrant and tumultuous era of the 19th Century, players will be immersed in the lives of Chinese merchants navigating the dynamic trade scene of colonial Singapore.

Governed by the British East India Company, Singapore flourished as a bustling trading hub in Southeast Asia during this time. However, the success of many Chinese merchants relied heavily on the influence and aid of secret societies. In "Singapore 1889," players step into the shoes of these merchants, strategically maneuvering to capitalize on the coveted support of Ghee Hin Kongsi (義興公司), one of the most influential secret societies in 19th century Singapore.

In this engaging card game, players must carefully collect precious commodities favored by both the Secret Society and the British East India Company. By strategically manipulating the goods favored by the Secret Society, players can increase the value of their own goods. However, they must also be wary of the British, who are keen on weakening the influence of the secret societies.

The objective of the game is to collect a set of seven goods, while ensuring the highest value of goods at the end. With each turn, players face intriguing choices, attempting to strike a delicate balance between leveraging the power of the Secret Society and avoiding unwanted attention from the British authorities.

"We are excited to bring the rich history and vibrant trade atmosphere of 19th Century Singapore to life with 'Singapore 1889'," said Lye Wen Song Xeo, CEO of Capital Gains Studio. "The game offers a thrilling experience as players navigate the complex dynamics between secret societies and the British East India Company. Every decision matters, making each playthrough a unique and strategic journey."

Key features of "Singapore 1889" include:

Immersive Gameplay: Dive into the intriguing world of 19th Century Singapore, where merchants must navigate the intricate trade scene and the power struggles between secret societies and the British East India Company.

Strategic Decision-Making: Collect precious commodities, manipulate goods favored by the Secret Society, and strategically balance your actions to achieve the highest value of goods and emerge as the victor.

Unique Theme and Setting: Experience the historical context of Singapore in 1889, offering players a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry and complex power dynamics of the time.

Engaging Mechanics: The game mechanics provide a dynamic and challenging experience, ensuring players are consistently engaged as they compete for victory.

"Singapore 1889" is set to captivate both history enthusiasts and avid gamers alike. Prepare to immerse yourself in the bustling streets of colonial Singapore, where fortunes are made.

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