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Zombielife Insurance: A Silver Award Winner at the International Serious Play Competition

Singapore, June 25, 2022 – Capital Gains Studio proudly announces that its innovative creation, Zombielife Insurance, has secured the esteemed Silver Award at the prestigious International Serious Play Competition. This achievement underscores the studio's dedication to crafting immersive and educational gaming experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

The International Serious Play Competition, held annually in the United States, celebrates outstanding commercial and student game titles designed for educational and training purposes. Serious Play Awards recognize games that excel in educational value and engagement, proving to be invaluable tools for learning.

Zombielife Insurance takes players on a thrilling journey as they navigate a world plagued by a relentless zombie virus, causing panic and chaos. In this unique game, an insurance company launches a range of insurance policies that cover the various stages of zombification.

Achieving victory in Zombielife Insurance requires players to accumulate wealth through insurance claims, endowments, wise investments, and perhaps most crucially, manipulation. Will you emerge victorious and escape the zombie-infested world, or will you be left for dead?

Xeo Lye, CEO of Capital Gains Studio, expressed their excitement about the Silver Award, saying, "Receiving the Silver Award for Zombielife Insurance is a testament to our commitment to merging education and entertainment through immersive gaming experiences. Our game offers players an engaging exploration of risk management, financial strategy, and survival in a world overrun by zombies."

Zombielife Insurance presents an engaging narrative that delves into the complexities of a zombie apocalypse, making it an educational and thought-provoking experience for players. The game's distinctive blend of entertainment and learning has garnered recognition in the realm of serious games.

About Serious Games

Serious games offer both education and entertainment, making them ideal tools for game-based learning. The serious games industry has witnessed substantial growth, with educators worldwide recognizing the effectiveness of gamified learning approaches. The global serious games market is poised for further expansion, driven by the increasing demand for engaging educational resources.

About Serious Play Conference

The Serious Play Conference, founded in 2009, is a leadership conference for professionals who embrace the idea that games can revolutionize learning. Speakers, who come from all parts of the globe, share their experience creating or using games in the corporation, classroom, healthcare institution, government and military and offer tips on how to move game-based education programs ahead.

At Serious Play, attendees listen, share and participate actively in informal sessions dedicated to the discussion of the future of serious games.

Serious Play has been hosted by DigiPen, the University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon, University of North Carolina, George Mason University, University at Buffalo, University of Quebec at Montreal and University of Central Florida.

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