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Mercat Games Launches Hotpot Havoc Card Game for Retail Sale.

Capital Gains Studio is proud to announce the launch of new card game “Hotpot Havoc” under Mercat Games, which will be available for retail sale in Singapore. The game celebrates Singaporean hotpot culture which has developed a unique local identity with influence from other Asian cultures such as Chinese, Malay, Japanese & Thai.

Hotpot Havoc is a 2 to 5 player, real-time family card game where you compete to be the next Hotpot Havoc Champion! Earn points by choosing from 5 soup bases and selecting from 15 delicious ingredients, 5 specialty sauces and 5 unique bowls.

The game requires players to pick the perfect ingredients from their own ingredient pool or grab from a central pot where other players discard ingredients they do not need. Beware that each bowl can only hold a limited number of ingredients and exceeding that capacity will result in demerit points! Once you feel that you have filled your bowl, you can end your turn by grabbing a rank card, that determines the order which you can select the sauce cards which will multiple your score based on the type of ingredients you have. Players will play for 4 rounds, exchanging different soup base and the player with the highest points, wins!

The game plays about 20mins and is suitable for people ages 8 and above.

“We notice that we have a unique hotpot culture and hotpot is one of the favourite foods in Singapore, said Xeo Lye, CEO of Capital Gains Studio. “We wanted to re-create the Singapore’s hotpot culture in a card game, along with exciting game play and mouth-watering food art.”

Hotpot Havoc will be available for retail sale in major boardgame shops, cafes, supermarkets, convenience stores and departmental stores. Find out more about Hotpot Havoc at this link here.


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