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Wongamania @ Nanyang Polytechnic

31st May 2019, Capital Gains Studio made a trip to Nanyang Polytechnic in order to conduct a Wongamania sharing session with students from the Investment Club. During the more than 2 hour session, we had a great time sharing about the game mechanics and the building ideas behind each game card; a tournament to find the winners and the students’ after-all feedback.

Wongamania Banana Economy is one of our financial literacy games, with the provision of entertaining value and plenty of financial lessons, from an overview of the economic cycle; the importance of purchasing insurance; the difference in various types of assets including Stock, Property and Bond; their effects at stages of the economic cycle to the benefits of owning trust funds.

Beginning with the background story of designing the game, we shared with the students how we gamify personal finance into the game and how we create a close relationship between a virtual world of the game and our real life. Then, after 30 minutes of the warm-up round, they immerse themselves in the game, regarding it as a powerful learning tool, as peals of laughter fill the room.

The combination of game strategy and real-world applications have definitely caught the students' attention as winning the game and getting the grand prize became their interest. Forty-five minutes after we kicked off the final tournament, winners were crowned with a significant gap in their earning scores due to the difference in playing strategy of each team. The session concluded with the sharing of learning points by our game designer, Xeo Lye and the discussion of winning strategy by the winners of the individual tables.

All in all, Capital Gains Studio had a fun afternoon sharing and interacting with the students and we look forward to more sessions in imparting valuable financial literacy knowledge to the youths in the future.


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