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2 to 6 players

45 minutes

10+ years


Wongamania: Classic

Wongamania Classic Edition gives you the opportunity to be both the man on the street, and the powerful invisible economic force dictating the fate of the financial markets. As you strive to accumulate wealth and bankrupt your enemies, learn about the economic forces that can either make you a tycoon, or a pauper.

Wongamania: Classic Edition is the official retail version of Wongamania which is only distributed in South East Asia. The Classic Edition features numerous game mechanics and rules improvement from the Wongamania: Malaysia Edition and features a new Singaporean Artist. Wongamania: Classic Edition has been featured and positively reviewed by numerous Singaporean and Malaysian financial bloggers, newspaper journalists and financial educators. The game is also featured by Channel News Asia in a reality TV game show.

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"Wongamania is definitely a good way to teach kids about the importance of planning for their financial futures and balances the priorities of entertainment and education well."

Tree Of Prosperity

"Financial independence should hold true regardless of whether an economy is in a bull or bear market. Just because a person is doing well.."

"Here at Dr Wealth, we're passionate about teaching people about personal finances and investment. Unfortunately, we also know that finance can be a dry subject. Wongamania hopes to change that...."
Dr Wealth

"For those who like to improve your financial literacy, the fun way (and the best part is : with friends), maybe Wongamania is what you are looking for..."
Invest Openly - Richard Ng 


How to Play Wongamania: Classic

Episode 1: Set-Up & Basic Rules

Episode 2: Stocks, Properties, Bonds

Episode 3: Economy Manipulation

Episode 4: Bankruptcy

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