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How to play

Protect yourself with insurance

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Zombielife Insurance_ Manipulate Cards (
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Manipulate cards to infect whoever you want, even yourself!

Let compound interest work for you and survive till the end for a bonus

Zombielife Insurance_ Survive till the e
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Zombielife Insurance_ BecomeAZombie (Mob
Zombielife Insurance_Zombie.png

Become a zombie, earn a huge insurance payout... and start biting others!

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The player with the most amount of money wins!

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10 dollars.png
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5 dollars.png
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Every crisis is an opportunity!

A zombie virus has been spreading, turning people into zombies and causing panic! An insurance company launches different types of insurance policies covering the different stages of zombification.

Achieve victory by accumulating the most money through insurance, endowments, wise investments and most importantly, manipulation! Will you make it out alive or will you be left for dead?

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Kickstarter Exclusive content available till Oct 2021