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Manipulate the Economy and Out-wit your Opponents!

Welcome to Banana Republic, a politically unstable country dominated by wealthy, well-connected business elites. As one of these elites, you get to influence government policies and manipulate the economy in order to benefit your investments in Stocks, Properties and Bonds. Outsmart your opponents by hiring powerful bankers and politicians while defending your wealth against financial monsters such as Debtzilla and Inflationsaurus. Do you have what it takes to survive in this competitive world of money mania?

Wongamamania: Banana Economy is a 2 to 5 players competitive card game that educates the players on the concept of the economic cycle and investment portfolio management. It also touches on various aspects of personal finance such as risk management, insurance and estate planning. 



"What I got was a super fun and clever game, with a level of depth and intelligence that somehow made me smarter and learn stuff."
"We prefer calling it the Scrabble of personal finance"
"It keeps your time and money tight, making your decisions meaningful, but still allows for some unpredictability…kind of like how people interact with the economy and life in the real world."
''Although it is an easy game to pick up (thus making it suitable even for children), it offers a surprising amount of tactical depth and replay value.''
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how to play

Play Asset Cards to earn an income every round

Buy and sell your assets strategically based on the phases of the economic cycle

Manipulate the economy to benefit you and your assets the most

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Basic Board 3 150mm CX_edit.png
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Buy Insurance to protect yourself against your fellow players

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Stash your money in Trust Funds to win the game and retire like a King!

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47 Trust Fund.png
47 Trust Fund.png

Will you make it big?

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