Save the World as a Secret Identity Superhero!

In the land of Banana Republic, an incompetent and corrupted government has caused a wave of crime and lawlessness. A few brave souls have finally showed up and decided to take on the mantle of heroes - to combat the Villains who are scamming the hard earned savings of ordinary citizens. However, beneath every hero lies a hard working citizen, who needs to work, save and borrow money in order to finance their crime fighting career. Little did they know that their credit card bills are feeding the ultimate monster of mass destruction: Debtzilla.


Debtzilla is a 2 to 4 player, cooperative board game where players take on the role of a superhero with a secret identity. Players manage the hero's daytime activities as an average salaryman, while waging their battles against Villains during the night. Using a combination of card drafting and dice mechanics, players have to race against time to  bring down the bad guys and defeat the world destroying boss: Debtzilla. Be too stingy with your money will result your hero too weak to do any good in a fight at night. On the other hand, splurging too much on those flashy gadgets on borrowed money will result in the final boss too difficult to defeat. Can you keep your job and save the world at the same time?


"In case you were not moved by my list of pros for this game, I emphatically enjoy this game and highly recommend it and am giving it a Seal of Golden Game!"

"The game requires a fine balance between incurring debt, getting geared up, and paying off those debts as quickly as possible."

"The idea of playing a fun game and learning at the same time is something that I love, especially as Debtzilla."

"Simultaneously turns order with deck builders co-op is unique. I haven't played many of the games that have all three put together."

"This game has a strong economic topic to it but it is wrapped in a fun superhero theme and there is a lot of replayability to the game." 



Plan how you want to spend your salary to purchase expensive crime fighting gadgets. Be warned that reckless spending and borrowing will increase the health of the Boss.


Each hero has a unique set of powers which will change the way how you will play the game.   


Buy from a choice of basic and advance gadgets which will help heroes specialize in different roles and deal with various kind of threats. 

Teamwork, money, gadgets and a strong balance sheet are needed to confront the Boss and weapons of mass financial destruction



Heroes have to take the Villains out quickly before they bankrupt all the citizens.


"As a learning tool, players can also use the game to learn more about finances as it is a good place to start asking questions."

"For anyone trying to understand how debt and money works in the new economy, this game offers great insights while being exciting..."

"The option of choosing from a variety of Heroes and the way you wish to allocate your finances gives rise to a vast permutation of the way the game can turn out."

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