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Mission Impossible: Finding Names for 4 Cryptocurrency | Cryptocurrency Game Design Diary Part II

During A Game Design Meeting ...

Xeo (Lead Developer), "Right guys. Now that we have settled on our game mechanics for our Cryptocurrency board game, let's rename our 4 cryptocurrency. We are a creative company and we will not use the current popular cryptocurrency names such as Bitcoin and Ethereum!"

Steven (Game Designer), "Okie boss, let's start with Bitcoin first. How you want to go about doing it?"

Xeo, "Let's make a spoof of Bitcoin! How about we try changing one alphabet on Bitcoin? We also have to ensure that this name is not taken by other cryptocurrency!"

Chunxi (Illustrator), "Let's try Botcoin?"

Steven,"It's taken."

"How about Batcoin, Betcoin, Buttcoin?"

"All taken. Buttcoin is a site that makes fun of Bitcoin... so better not."

"Taken, Taken, Taken"

"This is mission impossible," mutters Xeo, "How about Bigcoin?"

"Hmmmmm. Seems like it's not taken! Let's use that!"

Fast forward 2nd April...

"Xeo! Air Asia just announced that they are going to develop a new cryptocurrency call Bigcoin! We also have to rename 2 of other coins as their names seem to have been taken also..."

"What? How many ICO are there exactly on a daily basis? Okie, let us think of a new name again..."

"All taken!"

"@#$@$@#%. Let's name it after our country than. How about Singacoin?"

"Ding Ding Ding! Congrats! It's not taken!"

"Okie, let us quickly nail down all our names, design a symbol for our coins and announce it to the world... before somebody takes the name of our spoof coins again!"

Presenting Our 4 Spoof Cryptocurrencies!

Singacoin, Eruptuem, Mistero & Flyt

Xeo, "Do we need to do a press release just in case someone takes our ideas and turn it into a crypto again?"


Our hunt for names for our 4 cryptocurrencies are over at last....

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