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Experience Singapore in the 19th Century as a merchant!

In 1889, the Societies Ordinance was passed, weakening the Chinese secret societies’ influence in Singapore. 

Take on the role of a Chinese merchant in the time leading up to this moment in history, attempting to make use of a secret society’s influence to accumulate wealth!

Find the right goods to trade and compel the secret society’s interest to your advantage.

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Fast,simple gameplay,deep strategy!

Gorgeous painted card art style!




Relive this tumultuous period in Singapore's history!


Collect invaluable commodities in 19th century Singapore.

Shhh! The secret society
determines its value!


Goods_Spice B.png
Goods_Tea B.png
Goods_Silk B.png
Goods_Joss Paper B.png

As the Secret Society seizes goods, their value go up!

Now they cost way more!
And earn way more


Goods_Silk B.png
Goods_Silk B.png
Goods_Silk B.png

Merchants try to obtain those
seized goods for their higher value!

You better get to it first...

Goods_Joss Paper B.png

Merchants can make use of unique goods'abilities on the goods they
obtain to give themselves an edge.

Secret tactics within their secrets societies...

Collector Lee.png
Elite Huang.png

The player with the most points is the best merchant!

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Will you become the wealthiest merchant?

Singapore 1889 Rulebooks


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