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Capital Gains Studio announces new Debtzilla board game

First ever board game that merges the Superhero genre with the Financial World which gives a new perspective about debt management and financial scams

Singapore, 13th June 2017 – Capital Gains Studio announced Debtzilla, a new board game inspired by financial related themes whereby heroes confront financial monsters of mass destruction. It is slated to be launched on Kickstarter on 19th September 2017

In the fictional nation of Banana Republic, last seen in Capital Gains Studio's previous game Wongamania: Banana Economy, the incompetent government has caused a wave of financial crime. Players take on the role of heroes fighting the villains that scam ordinary citizens. However, the heroes are human beings just like anyone else, with jobs to perform, daily expenses to pay and crime-fighting gadgets to buy. Little do they know that their credit card bills are only feeding the ultimate monster of mass destruction: Debtzilla!

Debtzilla is a cooperative deckbuilding game with escalation mechanics based on financial related concepts such as compounding interest and inflation. If the players are too stingy with their finances, they will find their heroes too weak to be any good in a fight. On the other hand, purchasing too many expensive gadgets will rack up debt, causing the final boss to become too powerful to possibly defeat. The players must work together to make smart financial decisions in order to save the citizens of Banana Republic.

“When we first designed the Debtzilla card in Wongamania: Banana Economy, it was a personification of the 2007 financial crisis and the destructiveness of runaway debt,” said Debtzilla creator, Xeo Lye. “Debtzilla's popularity grew tremendously and players demanded that it feature in its own game, rather than merely existing on a single card. We also saw a chance to use the game to highlight the dangers of debt and some of the common scams and financial disasters that have destroyed people’s lives.”

Debtzilla is for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 40-80 minutes to play. It includes 4 Playing Board; 6 Hero cards; 100 Income cards; 18 Basic Gadget cards; 11 Advance Gadget cards; 16 Villains cards; 10 Citizen cards; 25 Dice; 45 coins; 4 Hero meeples, 9 wealth markers, 1 Boss Debtzilla and 10 Debtzilla cards; 1 Boss Inflationsaurus, an alternate final boss, and 8 Inflationsaurus cards; and 1 Rule Book. Debtzilla will be demonstrated at Gencon August upon request and prototype copies can be requested for review at For more information, you can visit the website at

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