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Check out Check Out!

Check Out! is a 2 to 6 player dice chucking, fast grabbing, family tabletop game where you rush to your favourite convenience store to grab your favourite snacks.

But speed is of the essence! Grab what you can before others get their grubby hands on it, and be the first in line to check out to get priority access to the sweet, sweet over-the-counter deals!

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Fast, fun gameplay in fifteen minutes

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Fantastic, mouth-watering food art

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For anyone from five to eighty-five


Buy your breakfast at a convenience store!

Draw 2 Product and 1 Deal card per player and place them on the table.

Grab food before others!

Claim Products by rolling dice and hurry to join the queue!

First come, first served!

Purchase Deals

using your remaining dice.

Check out before you're late for work!

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Will you be able to grab your favourite snacks?

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