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We Are Launching a New Game Studio!

We have so many game ideas... and many a times, they are in no way related to money and finance, a niche that Capital Gains Studio has carved out well.

Some of the best game ideas we have, we are unable to incorporate the game mechanics into the world finance and that's make us frustrated that we are unable to use the ideas after that "Eureka!" moment.

In the last few years, we also have quite a number of good non-finance related game designs submitted to us and we are unable to publish them.. as we are limited by our finance scope.

After some thoughts, we decided to launch Mercat games, a brand under Capital Gains Studio that focuses on publishing Singaporean designed games.. for Singaporeans.

The objective of Mercat games is to publish affordable, family games that friends and family can gather for a quick after-dinner game, with themes and art that Singaporeans can relate to.

Our first project will be a convenience store game, where you play as a busy Singaporean rushing off to work, and picking up a quick breakfast at a nearby convenience store.

Check Out! is fast to play game where you race to snatch up food items by rolling dice and try to be the first to check out at the cashier, in order to have your pick of promotional goodies. The twist of the game is that you can choose to save up and exchange the money for a huge advantage at the last bonus round, where you may be able to turn the tables on friends who choose to spend it all!

We are looking to launch our game in June - July and with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging around the world, we hope that everything will go smoothly! More posts to come to share more light on the gameplay.

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Unknown member
Apr 29, 2020

I am afraid I do not fully understand your rationale. After all, there is no rule that say you can't publish non-finance related games under the Capital Gains Studio name. For example, North Star Games do not exactly make games that are astronomy-related (actually, I don't think they even have a single game that is astronomy-related).

On a related note, since you are already selling Frontline Defence on your website, would you be selling other games from Shepherd Kit, like Ocean Crisis?

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